Owning a business can be the most exhilarating time in one’s life.

The prospect of success is the driving force behind each business; whether it is a startup or a mature company that has been around for decades. Even acquiring or preparing to sell a business can be exciting with the right support. Eagle CFO Consulting helps make the process as smooth as possible, enabling you to make informed decisions and achieve success.

There are many “Good” companies that need and want to become “Better”, and at the same time we assist in making the “Better” companies the “Best” in class.

Wise business decisions rely on outstanding information, real world experience, as well as expertise. That is exactly what you get with Eagle CFO Consulting on your team.

Building strong relationships and a cooperative team for our clients is our top priority. As our client, you can rest assured that you can bring any of your existing advisors whom you trust to join our team. We want the best team possible for your business, which includes the resources at Eagle CFO Consulting, along with our trusted supplemental advisors.

Whether your business is in the startup phase or is an established company looking to grow and improve its overall value, Eagle can help you. You’ll get the financial expertise, experience, and commitment you need in order to overcome your business challenges and succeed, in preparation for retirement or the third act of your life.

Eagle will take you beyond the numbers and enable you to make sound decisions. Please take a few minutes to discover the untapped opportunities and value in your business by clicking on the link below. It’s free and you will receive an initial summary report within minutes.

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About Us

“Surround yourself with the best people you can find, delegate authority, and don’t interfere.”

– Ronald Reagan

Charles_MohlerCharles A. Mohler – “Chuck” – has almost 25 years of experience in business operations, financial consulting, real estate, as well as trust deed investments. Beyond being a Certified Public Accountant, Chartered Global Management Accountant, and a Certified Exit Planning Advisor, Chuck is well respected for his dedication and desire to serve his clients above and beyond their expectations.

What are all of those designations? Do all of those letters even matter?

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

A CPA doesn’t just deal with numbers and tax preparation. A CPA is a business and financial strategist who helps to guide business owners and individuals through the effects of properly planning for future events that will have tax consequences.

An honest CPA assures that your business financials are clear, concise, and legal. A trustworthy CPA is one who conveys information clearly with good communication skills that are vital for a strong working relationship. A CPA with a well-rounded background in several different areas rather than one or two, provides a more balanced working relationship with you.

A professional CPA will always respect personal boundaries and show utmost integrity when working with your most confidential and closely guarded financial information. Finally, you want to find a CPA who is creative and fair. Creativity enables a CPA to bring new ideas to the table, which can implement innovative ways to foster growth and success within your business. A fair CPA will be willing to talk about billing and financial matters, being transparent throughout the process.

Becoming a CPA isn’t just a one-time certification exam. It involves continuing professional education and dedication to maintaining certification.

Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA)

A CGMA deals with accounting for businesses that helps with factors beyond tax reporting to enable better business management decisions. Dedicated CGMAs can be trusted to guide better business decisions and foster the best business performance possible.

A CGMA combines financial expertise and business experience to enable owners to have sustainable business success. Their skills involve a combination of strategy, management, and operations.

Strategy includes a combination of analyzation, evaluation, design, advisory services, review and audit, formulations, and forecast for cash flows and other finances.

Management includes a combination of analyzation, management and execution, negotiation and communication, planning, leadership, evaluation, and preparation.

Operations includes a combination of issue awareness, calculation and analyzation of product costs, forecast and budget for activities, evaluation of capital expenditures, management, and preparation.

Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA)

A CEPA deals with creating a team approach by implementing multiple advisors. Advisors include attorneys, CPAs, investment bankers, value enhancement experts, and wealth managers. Together, the entire team will look at each aspect of your assets. This includes your personal wealth today, your business value and possible improvements, as well as future desires and plans. This enables you as the business owner to properly prepare for the next step in your life, after increasing the value of your business – and minimizing your taxes in the process.

An outstanding CEPA will focus on you and ask you questions that are needed in order to get a complete picture of your needs. This discussion will help determine your personal and business goals, financial needs, business value, tolerance for risk, and transition time frame before your next adventure. All of these things will tailor the development of an exit plan specifically made for you.

A dedicated CEPA can help you articulate and align your personal, business and financial goals while maximizing your business value. Meanwhile, your plans to facilitate your retirement and financial security are completed with minimized taxes.

We identify and capitalize on timing opportunities, resolve key issues by using wise guidance and solutions to provide you with strategic options from which to choose to fulfill your dreams.


“You cannot afford to wait for perfect conditions. Goal setting is often a matter of balancing timing against available resources. Opportunities are easily lost while waiting for perfect conditions.”

– Gary Ryan Blair

Value Enhancement

Value enhancement implements a change which creates long term benefits for you. The valuation process combines the knowledge acquired by the discovery of key value drivers within a company, with our expertise in process improvement. This enables us to provide you with a plan to improve the value of your company.

There are 18 key value drivers which we can implement in order to help your business thrive.

Market Drivers




Growth refers to a company’s top line revenue, whose strength means your company has a history of consistent growth greater than its competitors, coupled with projected, future revenue growth above the market’s rate.



The larger the market (tapped and untapped) the more attractive it is because it represents more opportunities. However, being a leader in a smaller niche is also attractive. Even if you have a true competitive advantage, a growth market is almost always favored.



Your company should control a high portion of the available market relative to its competitors. If your company sells products or services in more than one market, focus on your primary market, or the market that is most fundamental to the success of your company.



A key component of business value is the degree to which it can generate recurring, profitable revenue. Contracts or other firm commitments are the best way to guarantee future revenue, but other examples include a long-term lease on a high traffic location or a strong loyalty program.


Significant obstacles (which could include legal, capital, and/or market barriers) facing a new entrant into your company’s market can increase the value of your business.


Your company has the ability to deliver on the sales promises made to the marketplace and to do it in a systematic and process-driven manner.



Your company has greater value if it has a product/service with unique characteristics that provide a competitive advantage. A unique product or service that customers prefer will keep them coming back to you instead of your competitors and may provide higher margins.


A strong brand name that resonates with your customers can add significant value to your company. Your company benefits from a recognizable brand that reinforces the business’ presence in the marketplace and supports the company’s objectives.


Margins are simply a measure of how efficiently you make money. The more your company enjoys gross and net margins greater than the industry your margins, the more valuable your company.

Operational Drivers



Your company benefits from a well-diversified customer base. Valuable companies have many different customers including long term customers, new customers, and developing customers and minimizing risk by avoiding putting all your eggs in one basket (or just a few baskets).


An easily understandable company is a valuable company – customers, employees and partners can quickly “get” what the company is all about. Stakeholders should be able to easily obtain a holistic understanding of your company including your company’s performance, practices, culture, discipline, and mission.


All of your company’s financial matters are in order and you follow best practices. These include clean audits, readable financial statements, operating reports, and adequate tax, insurance, banking and risk strategies.



High value companies have the ability to deliver on the sales promises made to the marketplace and to do it in a systematic and process-driven manner. This includes a thorough marketing plan, appropriate sales skills and technology, and accurate and timely marketing and sales information.


High company value derives from deep and long term customer satisfaction. Your company benefits from setting satisfaction metrics and tracking and using key measures to assure customer expectations are met at all levels.


Your company value is increased if it has a leadership team/individual in place to carry on the company’s vision and mission while helping the owner achieve his/her objectives. You should be able to execute a plan to run the company effectively for an extended period of time if the business owner was not available.



Your company value depends on it ability to hire, develop, and retain quality individuals. The right people can strengthen culture, ethics, customer relations, production, innovation and other aspects of operations, all of which can add to company value.


You have all legal matters in order, documented, and your company follows best practices. There are no claims for or against your company, you have a process to handle potential liability issues, you have contracts with key customers, suppliers, advisors, contractors, and employees, and you have agreements with all investors.


A deliberate innovation culture and processes are invaluable to create an ongoing competitive advantage and company value. You should have proven and systematic processes to drive and capture innovation at all levels and a way to leverage collaboration for innovation.


A CFO offers skills far above basic financial experience and software tools. Utilizing interpersonal skills, we connect with all the stakeholders involved in and around a business; from bankers to customers and employees to vendors. Part-time CFOs can effectively manage more than just the financial aspects of a business, and allow you to only pay for the services which you want.

Imagine an executive, working like a close family member, helping you to achieve your business goals. Envision no payroll taxes, no medical insurance or benefit plan, and – most importantly – no salary of $250,000+. No competing agenda, so candid comments and input can be provided. Your part-time CFO will provide peace of mind along with increased confidence and better understanding of the business for you.

You will have less anxiety with a greater appreciation for cash flow, enhanced profitability, improved wealth and a happier family life due to this executive’s focused attention on your specific needs.

As a result of continual professional education courses and the swift comprehension of a business’ operations, your part-time CFO is a cost effective way to meet goals and attain recognition among peers as a result of your success.

As your part-time CFO, we work closely with you to encourage and develop action plans, as well as participate in key decisions and guide crucial financial and tax strategies. We offer expertise and experience in financial negotiations, SWOT analysis evaluations, and SMART goals.

We work tirelessly to maintain banking relationships and anticipate consequences and future effects on your business. We deal with the auditors and taxing authorities so that you don’t need to worry about it. We lead capital and funding requests, and offer projections for acquisitions or business expansions.

We are dedicated to asking the difficult questions to verify the validity of ideas and projects, as well as developing measures and filters for business performance. Because of these things, we provide you with liquidity and cash flow management so that your business may thrive. Throughout the relationship, we provide you with constructive listening and advice while we investigate cost-effective alternatives at every opportunity.


A business owner may choose to sell for myriad reasons. Whether for retirement purposes or a life change, we want to help make your exit come to light as seamlessly as possible. For owners who intend to sell to a third-party, it is important to assure that their business sells successfully in an increasingly competitive market. You should focus on all that you can do to increase the attractiveness, value, and salability of your business. Exit planning can dramatically increase the after-tax net proceeds that you will keep after the sale.

Alternately, if you plan to appoint a successor for your business, we will help you prepare for the transfer of leadership or management from one generation to the next, or to your star employee. This often comes with developing the desired skills and experience in the successor, so that your business may continue to thrive. We are here to help you through this transition, as stress-free as possible.

We will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of all of the factors which may impact you. Exit planning addresses a large variety of issues that are important to you, including the current and future planning with regards to your business – its value, employees, and position in the market. Exit planning begins with your goals and objectives in these areas, as well as your current and future resources, in order to identify the best strategies which will allow you to reach your goals.


“All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work.”

– Calvin Coolidge